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Theme My Login
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Változat: 6.4.1 Frissítve
Feltöltés dátuma: 10 Dec 15
Fejlesztő: Jeff Farthing
Engedély: Ingyenes
Népszerűség: 21

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The Theme My Login plugin simply blocks access to wp-register.php and wp-login.php files, redirecting users to special pages it creates just for this purpose.

These pages use the site's regular theme and templates, not the default, ugly-looking styles WordPress usually uses for those two pages.

This means bots and  users and admins won't see the standard pages anymore, always being redirected to normal-looking page. While this is not a strong security measure, it can fool some bots and almost all users trying to see what's your backend running on.


Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.

What is new in this release:

  • Fixed strict standards errors.

What is new in version 6.3.12:

  • Fixed strict standards errors.

What is new in version 6.3.11:

  • Fixed strict standards errors.

What is new in version 6.3.6:

  • Fix issue where template tag was not being output.
  • Fix issue where install failed during new blog creation on multisite.
  • Fix issue where error messages were duplicated on login pages.

What is new in version 6.3.2:

  • Fixed issue where pages weren't created when upgrading from previous versions.

What is new in version 6.2.2:

  • Add visual cues for permalinks
  • Fix iframe bug

What is new in version 6.2.1:

  • Add post password handling
  • Don't block admin when DOING_AJAX
  • Add WordPress updated message

What is new in version 6.2:

  • Add tabindex to password fields
  • Fix removal of actions from "tml_new_user_registered" action in User Moderation module
  • Add %username% variable to Custom User Links module
  • Add custom permalinks to core
  • Add option to disable e-mail login
  • Fix potential XSS attack vulnerability
  • Update admin bar settings for 3.3 in Themed Profiles module
  • Update multisite templates for 3.3
  • Fix autofocus scripts to only load on login page
  • Require 3.1+
  • Fix broken login redirect logic
  • Add option to require login to view site in Security module
  • Don't change profile URL for non-themed roles in Themed Profiles module
  • Display failed login attempts to administrators on user profiles in Security module

What is new in version 6.1.3:

  • Fix password change error.
  • Update POT file.

What is new in version 6.1.2:

  • Replace "self" keyword with "$this" for PHP 4.

What is new in version 6.0.4:

  • Fix admin e-mail notification disabling.
  • Fix labels for login form fields.
  • Fix wp-login.php form action URL.

What is new in version 6.0.3:

  • Fix login reauth bug in redirection module.

What is new in version 6.0.1:

  • Fix logout link for wp_nav_menu().
  • Fix issue admin page not always being tabbed.
  • Fix issue of assigning multiple roles per user when using Moderation.
  • Add German translation.
  • Add Farsi (Persian) translation.
  • Add Hebrew translation.
  • Add Russian translation.
  • Update other languages.

What is new in version 6.0:

  • Complete code rewrite.
  • Users can now log in with e-mail address as well as username.
  • Remove option to disable template tag and widget in favor of always being enabled.
  • Remove option to rewrite login links in favor of always being rewritten.
  • Custom templates can now be defined per action (login, register, etc.).
  • User moderation activation e-mails can be resent on demand.
  • Add various new hooks to help with custom integration with other plugins.
  • Make custom user links sortable.
  • Customize every aspect of every e-mail.
  • Add a cool new random tip widget in the TML admin.
  • Use WP 3.0 functions (such as 'network_site_url') if available.
  • phpDoc everywhere.

What is new in version 3.2.8:

  • Fixed a security exploit regarding admin password reset addressed in WordPress 2.8.4


  • WordPress 3.1 or higher

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